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just_casino_gamesWith a history that stretches back to 2012 2 By 2 Gaming is definitely part of the old guard of US online slot developers. They are based in Chicago, Illinois, which as you can guess means they are pretty involved in land-based casino gaming too. They’ve got several patents in this field, some including game mechanics. Besides their own online slots, they also do custom development for other gaming studios. Social gaming is also part of the portfolio, though it’s something you won't be finding in online casinos.

For a studio of this size the portfolio is quite extensive. This despite the fact that the company seems to have also taken a great interest in general consulting and software development. Even though some of the games are of a bit older stock, mobile compatibility seems to be guaranteed for all games. But what kind of games are these then? We’ll find out via all the details below.

Just Casino Games

First off, the selection of games consists only of online slots. There are no table games, dice games or other such distractions. That said, land-based slots and social casino slots are also a somewhat different area than pure online casino slots. That’s a good thing too, since it means they don’t simply port the games to different platforms, instead opting to design games with a specific audience in mind.

The interface for these games is kept relatively simple, which means that the buttons and different options don’t take too much screen space. Quite useful if you’re into mobile casino gaming. Usual options like autoplay are also enabled.

Common Characteristics for 2 By 2 Gaming

common_characteristics_for_2_by_2_gamingLegends of Kalahari, Legend of Nine Suns, Magic of Pandora, Fiery Kirin, and Celtic Goddess are pretty good indicators of a great interest in fantasy, history, mythology and storytelling. You’ll find a handful of games that come with a wildly different theme, but it’s literally only a handful.

And you only need to take a look at the background pictures and welcome screens to see that the company likes to ensure that the games look good, and of course they sound good too once you get on the actual reels. The actual style tends to combine bright colours with likewise colourful symbols, whilst obviously also featuring some classic symbols that we’ve all become accustomed to.

What I really want to know is…

…how the wins, paylines, and gameplay is, right? Well, let’s get that business out of the way. Paylines are by far the most common method used to calculate winning combinations. It should come as no surprise that the five reel setup is matched with this as the basic layout. You will find some games with different methods of counting wins, such as ways to win. Likewise there are a few slots with more reels, some having up to eight. Payout percentages are to our liking too, never really dropping below what we have come to expect as the standard. Big wins are combined with high variance to come up with prizes that can often even challenge jackpots.

Tell Me About the Special Features

Earlier games like Riches of the Sea, Festival Queens, Cosmic Invaders, and Mandarin Fortune tend to use a pretty simple setup. Wilds, scatters and bonus spins, as well as mystery symbols and multipliers on wins based on certain conditions. Pick and win triggered by similar conditions are also available here and there.

Now if we take a look at more recent online slot titles, like Aztec Temple Treasures, Valhalla Gold, Cosmic Gems, and Prize of Paris, we will see that they’ve kept this cadre of slot features alive through the years. But they’ve also added a lot, including special features that trigger through at any round. Often complemented with animations, you can see characters fitting the theme walk through the reels, dropping multipliers, wilds or other modifiers to spice up and change the gameplay.

Moving the reels, duplicating them, and expanding the layout are also in the books. You can really see that the company has expanded from land-based slots to the online space, so much so that the usual conversion of one format to the other has reversed, with slots now first available in online casinos.