• Shopping Spree

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      Grand Virtual
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    Shopping Spree is a multi bonus game that's really fun to play!

    The game is a 5 reel, 21 line game that includes wild cards, free spins and shopping sprees.

    Coins have a value from 1¢ to 50¢ and you can bet from 1 - 3 coins per line. Line up 5 credit cards on maximum line and coin bet and you win the jackpot of $37,500!

    Of course the credit card is the wild symbol (what else would you expect on a shopping spree!) and can be substituted for all other symbols except for the scatter symbols lipstick which triggers the free spin feature and the purse which triggers the shopping spree:

    • 5 Lipsticks = 25 Free Spins + a 50x Bounty Payout
    • 4 Lipsticks = 15 Free Spins + a 20x Bounty Payout
    • 4 Lipsticks = 10 Free Spins + a 1x Bounty Payout

    These scatter symbols are prize doublers for regular pay lines Prizes are doubled for each scatter symbol visible and and there can be up to 5 scatters visible at one time.

    One scatter is a 2x multiplier, two scatters is 4x, three scatters is 8x, four scatters is 16x and 5 visible scatters is 32x multiplier!

    These multipliers don't count when playing free spins, bounty payouts, bonus round prizes and payouts or the Jackpot payouts:

    • 5 Purses = Bonus Round + additional 10x prize multiplier
    • 4 Purses = Bonus Round + additional 5x prize multiplier
    • 3 Purses = Bonus Round

    There is a gamble button available for regular wins that gives you the opportunity to double your bet. Shopping Spree is tremendously entertaining and with the multiple payout combinations, this game could be the means to start you on your own Shopping Spree!