Jurassic Cash

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Jurassic Cash is a 5 reel, 7 line game that includes Volcanoes as wild symbols, Eggs as scatter symbols, free spins and poker hands that pay on 3, 4 or 5 of a kind and straights plus smaller winning combinations.

Coins have a value from 1¢ to $1 and you can bet from 1 - 3 coins per line.

The Volcano symbol acts as a wild card and can be substituted for all other symbols (except the egg) and is a prize multiplier when used as a wild symbol. Winnings may be increased by 2., 3x, 4x or 5x.

There is also a special Jurassic Jackpot Combo Progressive.

To win the Jurassic Jackpot, you must play the maximum 7 lines and 3 coins per line. If you bet 1 coin on the winning pay line, you win 6000 coins; 2 coins will pay 12,000 coins.

However, if the maximum number of lines is bet (7) and the maximum number of coins per line is bet (3), then the percentage of Jackpot per coin would be:

  • Coin Value 1¢ = 1% of Jurassic Jackpot
  • Coin Value 2¢ = 2% of Jurassic Jackpot
  • Coin Value 5¢= 5% of Jurassic Jackpot
  • Coin Value 10¢ = 10% of Jurassic Jackpot
  • Coin Value 25¢ = 25% of Jurassic Jackpot
  • Coin Value 50¢ = 50% of Jurassic Jackpot
  • Coin Value 100¢ = 100% of Jurassic Jackpot

Volcano symbols are wild for all symbols except scatters and are multipliers if included in the winning combination. Winnings may be increased 2x, 3x, 4x or 5 x.

The Egg is a scatter symbol in Jurassic Cash and does not have to be on a pay line to qualify:

  • 5 Eggs = 25 Free Spins + a 50x Bounty Payout
  • 4 Eggs = 25 Free Spins + a 20x Bounty Payout
  • 3 Eggs = 15 Free Spins + a 1x Bounty Payout

Winning Poker Hands.

  • Five of a Kind
  • Four of a Kind
  • Ace-High Straight
  • King-High Straight
  • Three of a Kind

The Gamble button lets you to take a chance on increasing your winnings however it's not a good idea to risk them. You'll enjoy Jurassic Cash. It's a great game with plenty of action. The many winning combinations will surprise you!

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