• Faerie Tale

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      Grand Virtual
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    Faerie Tale- 5 reel, 15 payline free spins.

    Before you enter the game you must choose what coins size you will play:

    • Faerie Tale 25 1 coin = 0.25 chip
    • Faerie Tale 10 1 coin = 0.10 chip
    • Faerie Tale 5 1 coin = 0.05 chip
    • Faerie Tale 2 1 coin = 0.02 chip
    • Faerie Tale 1 1 coin = 0.01 chip

    You can also adjust the amount of coins per pay line, from 1 up to 10 coins per line.

    Be sure to play 15 lines and 10 coins for the Jackpot prize.

    Winning symbol combinations can be anywhere on a payline, they do not have to be on consecutive reels.

    For example: Hit a Faerie symbol on reel 1,3, and 4 and you win that amount.

    The Faerie Gold symbol is wild for all symbols except scatters Doors and Faerie Children and doubles the pay out.

    There are 2 bonus features in this game:

    Hit 3 or more Faerie Children scatter symbol to activate Free spins:

    • 3 Faerie Children symbols = 5 Free Spins,
    • 4 Faerie Children symbols = 10 Free spins
    • 5 or more Faerie Children Symbols = 20 Free spins

    Hit 3 or more Magic Door scatter symbols appearing anywhere and you enter the enchanting Bonus Round where you choose one of three Magic Doors.

    There's a different hidden prize behind each door based on your #Lines and #Coins settings and a secret door multiplier of 1x, 4x or 8x.

    If you hit 4 Magic Door symbols, your prize is five times bigger and with 5 or more symbols it's 10 times!

    Part of each wager goes into the Progressive Jackpot pool. The Jackpot pays off on the top winning combination of 5 'Faerie Gold' symbols on any one Line in play, at the rate of 10% per #Coins bet. The more Lines you play, the greater your chances of hitting the jackpot. The more Coins you bet, the larger your take of the jackpot amount.

    Hit 5 Wild symbols on a payline to win the jackpot of 1,000 coins per coins you bet + 10% of the progressive jackpot.

    ย•  For example: If you were betting .25 cent coins size and 5 coins per line, total bet of $3.75, you would win $3,125 + 10% of the progressive jackpot on the winning line!!!

    Hit 5 Wild symbols on a payline when betting max coin and win the 10 coin bonus of 2,000 per coin you bet + 100% of the progressive jackpot.

    ย•  For example: If you were betting 25 cent coins size, and 10 coins per line, total bet of $37.00 you would win $5,000 + the progressive jackpot!!

    You can accumulate more free spins during the free spin rounds, so you can get a lot of free spin play! I loved Faerie Tale, it is totally different from any slots you have ever played, instead of spinning reels, the symbols pop up out of the woods themed background. The Graphics are awesome, you have to try it!!