• EYECON slots

    The portfolio of online slots by Eyecon have a few characteristics that are important to see as a part of understanding their body of work as a whole. The first is that they tend to focus on quality instead of quantity. What this means for players is that, while this developer does have dozens of different titles available, they tend to put more effort into making sure each individual game is solid instead of worrying so much about putting out a lot of new titles each year.

    As a result of that and how long they've been around, they have a pretty strong overall selection of games available with plenty of titles that players love.

    Themes and Visual Appeal

    Something that strikes most players the first time they see the selection of Eyecon slots as a whole is that there are titles that range such a wide variety of themes. Whether it's the super-serious Temple of Ausar or the funny and cute Unicorn Bliss, their titles are all over the place when it comes to what to expect from their overall motifs. This applies to the graphics as well because, even though all of their games have a fairly high level of visual appeal, they still are able to use different styles of graphics depending on the theme of the individual game itself.

    Gameplay and Features

    Along with how great these games look is how fun they are to play. This is achieved by a smart approach to features so that they match up with what the game is about and the general style of gameplay so that players get a cohesive style of play. The end result is a smooth experience with a whole lot of replay value, which is a big part of why they stay so popular.

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