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    Take a trip to the South of France with Casino Intrique, you have a handsome playboy and the seductive siren to accompany you to this exclusive casino along the Cote d’Azure.

    You can bet from 1 cent per line to 25 cents per line.

    You can also adjust the amount of coins per pay line, from 1 up to 10 coins per line.

    Be sure to play 11 lines for best payout results and to qualify for the highest payouts. To qualify for the jackpot you must bet 10 coins per line, no matter what coin size.

    There are 2 wild symbols in Casino Intrique: The Billfolds and the Room Key are wild for all other symbols except each other (i.e. a Billfolds can't substitute for a Hotel key, or vice versa).

    Hit a combination of Billfolds and Hotel Keys you win 2500x your bet.

    The Horseshoe is also a Scatter Symbol for Free Spins.

    • 5 Billfolds 15 Free Spins w/Triple Prizes + a 25x Bounty Payout
    • 4 Billfolds 15 Free Spins w/Triple Prizes + a 5x Bounty Payout
    • 3 Billfolds 15 Free Spins w/Triple Prizes + a 1x Bounty Payout

    All payouts are Tripled during free spins, including Bonus Round prizes and the top-line payout, and free spins can be retriggered!

    Five matching poker symbols (As, Rey, Caballo, Sota, Tres) on a paid line wins a Bonus Round where you may pick from 2 to 5 of 15 hidden prizes. Bonus Round prizes range from 2x to 40x the number of coins bet per line - for a minimum prize of 2 coins to a maximum of 400 coins (or 1200 coins when tripled by a free spin).

    With 2 to 5 picks available, you could win no less than 4 coins or as many as 3000 coins in a single Bonus Round!

    Poker Symbols Bonus Round.

    • 5 Batos-As = Pick 5
    • 5 Batos-Rey = Pick 4
    • 5 Batos-Caballo = Pick 3
    • 5 Batos-Sota = Pick 3
    • 5 Batos-Tres = Pick 2

    Casino Intrique pays for paylines containing certain Poker Hands using combinations of the poker symbols, like a straight and full house.

    Wild symbols can help make a Straight or a Full House.

    The top line prize (for 5 Wild symbols on a pay line) is 15,000 coins per coin bet, but there is a special Jackpot when you bet 5 coins per line.

    Instead of 75,000 coins, it pays 125,000 coins on a 5-coin per line bet!

    With the Coin Value of 25 cents, you could win $31,250.00 on a $1.25 per line bet! The Top-Line prize (for 5 Money Bag symbols on a paid line) is up to 30,000 coins per coin bet!

    With so many bonus possibilities you are sure to hit some nice payouts.

    I love the way the Grand Virtual slots play, they are great graphics, great payouts and great fun!