Single Skill Games

This Skill Games, Single Games section has access to online games for players who enjoy playing a quiet relaxing game by themselves, or grueling competitions in one-on-one games by competing against another player or several other players.

Any way you play the skill games listed on this single skill games section, you are sure to learn little more each time; whether it’s Rummy or Backgammon or any other types of games.

Skill Games - Single Skill Games thru Games & Casino

If you are more skilled in the area of knowledge retention, or remembering things for a long time from what you have learned, perhaps a backgammon skill game would best suit you. Or maybe playing card games is more your style in the games of Rummy.

All of these games of skill will spark our minds and keep us thinking, and that my friends is something we all need, to keep our brains fit and healthy.

To keep your thought processing in tip-top shape, go through the names of the single skill games mentioned below. Try one or try them all, because thinking can be a lot of fun!

Through the online sites listed above you will find a huge amount of single skill games to choose from. In order to find out what you would like to play, go to their review pages and find out a little more about the online single skill games offered.

Most of the single skill games mentioned above are free to play, with a small entry fee in some skill games, a player can match wits and skills against other players to make a little extra money. If not, at least there is one thing that can be won, knowledge, and these skill games are a good place to start.