Step into a Mystical Realm with Online Slot Crystopia


Slot game enthusiasts, prepare for an otherworldly escapade! Habanero, the esteemed provider of premium slot and table games, invites you on a spellbinding odyssey with its newest creation, Crystopia. An opulent universe filled with glistening crystals, the new title presents extraordinary opportunities to accumulate significant winnings.

The unique interface of Crystopia, built over a 3x3 reel grid, is where the magical journey begins. The primary objective for players is to line up radiant crystals of various shapes and hues. With each matching arrangement, the game promises an exhilarating win.

The Power of the Splitting Crystals

Crystopia holds a secret weapon - the splitting crystals. These mystical symbols possess the extraordinary ability to split into halves or even quarters, thus intensifying the potential for victory. This splitting mechanism unlocks an impressive 1728 paths to victory, ensuring an electrifying gaming experience.

One of the most thrilling features of the game is its generous Bonus Games round. Here, players can be granted up to 36 complimentary spins. Notably, in this round, symbols possess the potential to transform into more valuable crystals before undergoing the splitting process. This dynamic significantly aids players in their quest to secure the grand prize - a staggering payout exceeding 1000x their initial wager!

Following a Series of Successful Releases

The launch of this latest title, an imaginative new universe of play, comes on the back of Habanero's succession of popular releases. The acclaimed provider continues to make waves in the gaming industry with hit games such as The Big Deal Deluxe and Naughty Wukong. Now, Crystopia adds another exciting chapter to Habanero's ongoing narrative of enchanting and lucrative gaming experiences. Embark on this mystical journey today and see what riches await in the crystalline world!

Continued Success and Expansion

Building on its success, Habanero has recently expanded its presence in the market. It has a reputation for creating captivating slot games that are loved by enthusiasts worldwide. In line with this, the brand took a significant step forward back in 2017 when their content became available at a prominent platform, demonstrating the increasing popularity and influence of their inventive game titles. As we await more thrilling releases from Habanero, it's clear that the magical realm of Crystopia is just the latest in a series of innovative offerings from this forward-thinking game provider!


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By Ivan Stefanovic