SOFTSWISS Obtains South African Certification, Strengthens Market Position


SOFTSWISS, a leader in providing innovative software solutions for the iGaming sector, has successfully obtained certification in South Africa. The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) has issued a Letter of Certification (LoC) for SOFTSWISS's Casino Platform and Sportsbook under the South African B2B manufacture license. This certification marks a significant step in reinforcing SOFTSWISS's footprint in this emergent market.

Strategic Integration and Market Insights

SOFTSWISS's journey to securing the South African certification was spearheaded by its strategic acquisition of Turfsport, a respected local software provider with 35 years of experience. Having completed the acquisition earlier in the year, SOFTSWISS integrated its offerings with Turfsport's, facilitating a smooth entry into the South African landscape where Turfsport has established its presence. A survey undertaken by InfoQuest highlights that sports betting tops gambling preferences in South Africa, with an average of 12 engagements per month per customer.

Further interest peaks in casino games and horse betting primarily during weekends, with lotteries and online betting spread evenly across the week. The findings underscore gambling as a significant facet of leisure in the country, showing participation in multiple forms of gambling several times monthly.

Expansion Prospects and Future Outlook

With a commitment to enhancing its global reach, SOFTSWISS's engagement in South Africa is anticipated to leverage emerging trends such as esports and fantasy sports betting. Recent analyses indicate a heightening interest in these areas, particularly among the younger, digitally inclined demographic. SOFTSWISS, by integrating Turfsport’s technical capacity and local market insights, looks poised for significant growth and the ability to tap into these evolving sectors.

COO of SOFTSWISS, Vitali Matsukevich, further emphasizes the market's potential, stating, "South Africa will be one of the key markets for SOFTSWISS in the coming years. It has immense potential, driven by increasing internet penetration, lower mobile internet costs, and affordable mobile devices. Additionally, the local audience shows a strong interest in gambling, which further supports our decision to expand here."


''SOFTSWISS Expands in South Africa with New Certifications'' Press Release. July 02, 2024.

By GamesAndCasino