Haunted Slots - New Slots at WinADay Casino!

haunted.jpg Haunted Slots

Haunted slots came out last week at WinADay Casino and just in time for Halloween, with 5 reels, 23 paylines, a hold feature, wilds that turn into coffins, and a bonus round awards free spins, extra credits, or both!

Read our Haunted slots review to find out when the bonus starts and how the hold feature can be useful in your game play. Or visit Win A Day casino now, play the Haunted slot game, and find out for yourself. The Haunted slot review is also found in our Slotland Ent slots section (just follow the “new” tags), and in our new slots area.

If you’d rather read the shorter review version on the new Haunted slot game, read on.

The Hold Feature in Haunted slots is activated when a “Hold” symbol appears on Reel 5. Immediately after it appears, hold buttons appear below reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. You may select one or all of the hold buttons to hold whichever reel you think will give you extra wins. The hold buttons will only remain for the next five spins, so make them count.

For the Bonus Round to trigger:

  • You need at least 3 shovels in the Shovel Collection.
  • Shovels appear only on Reel 5.
  • Each shovel appearing counts as 1 in the Shovel Collection.

Shovels collected are added to the highlighted number on the Shovel on the left side of the game (Shovel Collection). Once you have three or more shovels in the Shovel Collection, you will then need three “Bonus” symbols to appear to trigger the Bonus round.

When the Bonus Round triggers:

  • A graveyard scene will appear when the bonus round is activated.
  • Use the shovels from the Shovel Collection to dig up the graves in the graveyard.

In the bonus round, win one of three things under each grave you dig up: a Shovel, Cash, or Free Spins.

Once you’ve used up all the shovels in the bonus round, the free spins feature will activate (but only if you’ve dug them up).

Find out more by playing Haunted slots today at the nearest Win A Day online casino!

Author: GamesAndCasino