Aviamasters: BGaming's Latest Innovation in Slot Gaming


BGaming, a leader in game development, recently introduced Aviamasters, a new slot game that transports the excitement of aviation into the gambling arena. Featuring innovative gaming mechanics, random multipliers, and an engaging rocket hazard, Aviamasters offers a maximum multiplier of x250. The game's success hinges on keeping the plane aloft, which enhances potential rewards for players.

Dynamic Gameplay and Player Engagement

Distinct in its gameplay, Aviamasters challenges players to fuel their planes and direct them along unpredictable flight paths. Strategically hitting multipliers can elevate the aircraft, enhancing gameplay with multiplier ranges including x2, x5, and others like +1, +2, +5, and +10. Yet, the threat of encountering rockets brings a tactical challenge, as these can reduce the plane's flight path and cut the current balance by half. The game also introduces a progress dashboard where players can view crucial statistics such as altitude, distance, and multiplier data in real-time, thereby increasing involvement and excitement with each flight.

Aviamasters appeals to diverse player preferences with its customizable features. The game offers a simple gameplay mode and an autoplay function, making it user-friendly for both beginners and seasoned players. Designed as a low-volatility game, it attracts those who favor steady, consistent wins. With a maximum bet of €1,000 and four-speed options, players can personalize their gaming experience. The default speed is set at 2, symbolized by a walking person, with other speed options including tortoise, hare, and lightning.

Mikalai Dzeneladze, BGaming's Chief Casual Game Producer, stated, ''Casual games have become one of the most popular genres in our portfolio over the last year, and Aviamasters really injects originality into this line-up with its unique and unpredictable mechanics. Additionally, we have focused heavily on graphics and sound to ensure that the aircraft's journey across the sky keeps players engaged as they hope for its safe landing."

Authentic Flight Experience and Future Releases

Aviamasters features authentic flight physics, adding a realistic dimension to the gameplay and enhancing the simulation of aerial trials. This meticulous detail supports an immersive and enjoyable experience for players. This game is part of BGaming's July debut, with a preview of five more innovative games scheduled for release, enriching BGaming's vast game portfolio. As Aviamasters sets the bar high, BGaming promises engaging and inventive game releases shortly, ensuring varied themes and mechanics for all players to enjoy.



By GamesAndCasino