Tom Horn Gaming Releases Online Slot Flaming Wild 27


Tom Horn Gaming, a renowned name in the iGaming sphere, has once again turned up the heat in the online casino world with its scorching new slot, Flaming Wild 27. This game is not just another addition to their impressive portfolio; it's a fiery twist on the classic slot experience that will have both novices and veterans spinning the reels with unparalleled excitement.

A Classic Charm with a Fiery Makeover

Flaming Wild 27 redefines traditional gameplay by injecting a vibrant and modern flare into the nostalgic 3x3 slot format. This masterpiece is a colorful parade of timeless fruit symbols, shimmering sevens, and iconic bars, topped off with the game-changing Wild 27 icon. The seamless blend of old-school charm with contemporary graphics creates an inviting atmosphere for all players looking for that satisfying click and the thrill of a win.

The magic of the game unfolds with the Wild 27 symbol—a potent emblem that not only complements winning combinations but also magnifies your winning potential. Landing this symbol triggers an extraordinary transformation, morphing the game from its original 5 paylines to an exhilarating 27 ways to win. It doesn't end there; this expansion is coupled with a thrilling respin, fueling the chances for even more combustible wins.

Matching all three reels with identical low-value symbols ignites a win so hot it sizzles—the payout is doubled, echoing the slot's theme of amplified excitement. This feature exemplifies how Flaming Wild 27 isn't just playing with fire; it's setting the standard for a rewarding slot experience.

Take a Gamble with Flaming Potential

For the daredevils and fortune seekers, Flaming Wild 27 comes equipped with a gamble feature that can either double or quadruple your winnings. With a joker in the mix and a 'take half' option, this risky but rewarding feature puts the power in the player's hands. Choose to collect your win, gamble for more, or secure half your winnings and gamble the rest. The choice is yours, and so is the potential for thrilling rewards.

With its low volatility, the title is a welcoming arena for players of all experiences. Tom Horn Gaming's stellar reputation for crafting premium slot content shines through in this game. Their footprint in both online and land-based casinos is a testament to their dedication to creating engaging, high-quality gaming experiences.

The provider's commitment to innovation is evident. Each game, including hits like 247 Crystal Fruits Dragon Egg and Blackbeard's Quest, comes with unique features and captivating gameplay. With an ambition to launch up to 15 new games annually, Tom Horn Gaming ensures their collection remains fresh, diverse, and enthralling.


“Tom Horn heats up reels in Flaming Wild 27”,, November 1, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic