Spellbinding Spins Await in The Wizard Cat Slot Game


Step into a world where magic weaves through every spin in MGA Games' latest creation, The Wizard Cat slot. This enchanting 5-reel game invites you to traverse the spellbound library of a feline sorcerer, where ancient spells and mystical prizes are nestled between the pages of arcane tomes.

Meet The Master of Purr-cane Magic

The star of this mesmerizing tale is none other than The Wizard Cat, a feline enchanter whose years of delving into the mystical arts have culminated in a game filled with enchantment and the promise of treasure. The Wizard Cat, with his knowledge of otherworldly secrets, has concocted a variety of spells that beckon players to unveil prizes hidden within his lair.

Symbols of Sorcery and Fortune

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere thick with magic as you align symbols like bubbling cauldrons, pointy witches' hats, and mystical wands. Each spin is a chance to uncover the wonders conjured by The Wizard Cat, including the coveted Wild symbol—bearing the wise visage of our magical protagonist—that holds the power to transform your fate on the reels by substituting for other symbols.

The magic intensifies with the chance to earn up to 10 Bonus Spins for each winning streak, elevating your adventure to epic proportions. Furthermore, landing three or more Bonus symbols whisks you away to a bewitching potion mini-game. Here, you'll select from mysterious elixirs, each with the potential to amass prizes, culminating in wins that could reach up to €260 per enchanting round.

Multiply Your Magic

The Wizard Cat ensures that your journey through his magical domain is as rewarding as it is enthralling. Watch as every winning combination conjured increases your multiplier, soaring up to x5 in the main game and an astonishing x15 during Bonus Spins. Such potent multipliers mean your victories are not just celebrated but amplified.

Unleash Enchanted Hours of Amusement

Align the arcane symbols under the watchful eye of The Wizard Cat, and let the reels foretell your fortune. With up to $97,350 waiting to be discovered in this mystical realm, your quest is set to be filled with excitement and awe. Keep up with the latest and most enchanting games by visiting the latest slot section.

Dare to spin the reels and allow The Wizard Cat to guide you through an epic saga of spins and sorcery. Are you ready to claim the magic and the winnings that await?


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By Ivan Stefanovic