Banquet of Dead Revealing Ancient Mysteries


Embark, on a thrilling adventure into the heart of Ancient Egypt with Play'n GO’s game in the acclaimed Dead series, Banquet of Dead. This 5x3 slot game invites players into Queen Nitocris’ tomb, where danger and rewards await in measure. As you navigate through corridors, a unique feast awaits, complete with Bonus Spins and Expanding Symbols that can boost your chances of uncovering treasures.

At the heart of this journey is Queen Nitocris’ banquet, filled with traps that both intrigue and pose a threat. The highlight? Bonus Spins triggered by selected symbols that transform into Special Expanding Symbols. This banquet offers seven Bonus Spins initially with the potential to re trigger and collect up to 25 rounds each presenting opportunities for wins.

Thrilling Bonus Features

Banquet of Dead features updated versions of two features that leave their mark on the series legacy. Firstly, the Expanding Symbols feature can cover all three positions on the reels creating winning combinations within this setting. Secondly, the Symbol Removal feature eliminates the valued symbol from the reels when activated. If the unique symbol is removed, a different Special Symbol is chosen at random, adding to the excitement for those seeking fortune in their journey.

The theme of this title draws inspiration from games in the series capturing the visual and auditory splendor reminiscent of Pilgrim of Dead while paying homage to the traditional mechanics found in Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. However, Banquet of Dead goes beyond these influences by offering an experience that blends innovation with respect for the series heritage.

During gameplay, players encounter a Gamble Round that serves as a sweet temptation tempting them to double their winnings or risk losing it all on a fateful bet. Within this realm steeped in history lies the promise of riches, calling out to those enough to participate in the grand feast.

With its fusion of tradition and creativity, the new release is set to become a timeless classic, welcoming players to an adventure where ancient wonders meet daring exploration.

Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, Magnus Wallentin said: “The Dead series has become an iconic IP that’s taken on a life of its own, and we’re proud to continue its storyline. The game features Expanding Symbols, a Gamble Round and Symbol Removal with a new dynamic twist that we think fans will adore.”

Source: “Play’n GO uncovers the secrets to Queen Nitocris’ tomb”. Play’n GO. March 7, 2024.

By Ivan Stefanovic