Smashing Wins with Piggy Smash Slot Game Await You


Get ready to smash your money in the latest pig-based adventure from Gaming Corps, Piggy Smash. This exciting game combines the charm of a slot game with the exhilaration of an arcade game to give players an on-your-seat dynamic experience that will keep them coming for more!

Finding Piggy Smasher

Piggy Smash appears in the game screen rounded by groups of balls shaped as pigs revealing the key to wins. In the center lays a piggy just waiting to be smashed and reveal prizes. Whether one preferred playing safe or taking a risk, the title is able to cater for any type of player owing to its betting range that starts from $0.20 up to an impressive $200, per bet. This makes it ideal for both fun and high stakes excitement.

The Gameplay and Bonus Features

Place your bet and click 'PLAY' to try and break the piggy in the middle. If you'd rather sit back a bit, the 'AUTO' play option lets you set up machine controlled bets. Each time you break a piggy a new piggy ball will materialize which keeps it lively and unpredictable.

Piggy Smash offers more smashing piggies; it comes with features that add layers of thrill to every spin:

  • Rampage Feature: There is a chance of the Rampage feature to trigger after smashing piggy within it, you can smash up 10 piggies. Every smashed piggy reveals a prize.
  • Multiplier feature: Crushing a piggy will also trigger this, giving you a coin to increase your payout by 10 times its value along with a crushed piggy.
  • Multi Rampage Feature: Things get even heatier with this feature. Similar to Rampage but packed with additional multipliers, the Multi Rampage awards players multiplying their win by smashing several folds.

Piggy Smash is user-friendly, very engaging and with a pleasant interface that looks at you. The colours are vivid as well as the atmosphere is friendly which makes your gaming session light and reaches a point where players can't take their eyes of the screens until they have spun every wheel!

Gaming Corps’ Piggy Smash presents an experience that is a combination of classic slot capabilities with interactivity, making every round a thrill whose outcome no one can predict. Whether you're a fan of the one-armed bandits or a complete newcomer in this line of entertainment, the title manages to cater to all needs and tastes through its range of betting options entertaining features and the potential of scoring some hefty prizes!

Source: Gaming Corps Press Release

By Ivan Stefanovic