Pragmatic Play Releases Treasure Island


Pragmatic Play’s Treasure Island players become enthralled by a crafted treasure map that acts as their guide, through a maze of opportunities and hidden fortunes. This map leads to the wheel a creation adorned with an impressive 54 sections. Each section of this wheel opens a world teeming with treasures showcasing an assortment of gems and rewards each with its own unique story and value.

As players gear up for their voyage of exploration, they place their bets using a combination of strategy and optimism hoping that the sections they select will align perfectly with the wheel spin. This is where the enchantment of the game comes alive as the wheel starts to spin it marks the beginning of a treasure hunt.

Sparkling Opportunities

The treasure map is decorated with emeralds, rubies, and topaz gems along with bonuses like Wild Collector and Great Scavenger each promising rewards. These elements go beyond being game mechanics; they beckon fortune and invite players to test their luck.

What distinguishes Treasure Island is its collection of bonus games. Each of the four games—John Silvers Loot, Bens Lost Marbles Billy Bones Map and Captain Flints Treasure—brings a flavor to the gameplay. These are not just side attractions; they are adventures on their own featuring their stories, mechanics and rewards that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Unforgettable Adventure

Pragmatic Play has created a world that goes beyond being a game with its new title; it offers an experience. Players aren't participants; they become adventurers, explorers, and treasure hunters. This game invites you to embark on an adventure to navigate the seas of fortune and who knows—maybe even discover priceless treasures along the way.

Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, said:“Treasure Island is an epic addition to Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino range. Combining seven games in one with a popular theme and fast-paced gameplay, it’s an expansive, immersive, and highly energetic game show that delivers a truly cinematic experience with rolling waves, shifting clouds, swaying trees, and other superb visual effects. Treasure Island is pure adventure.”

Source: “Join The Hunt For Hidden Gems In Pragmatic Play’s Live Game Show Treasure Island”. Pragmatic Play. November 29, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic