Nolimit City Upgrades Western Slot with Tombstone No Mercy


Nolimit City has unveiled its another exciting release, Tombstone No Mercy. This enhanced version of their 2019 slot game takes players on a high-risk adventure set in the heart of the Old West. While maintaining the essence of the game Tombstone No Mercy introduces two features that promise to keep players engaged and excited.

The first new feature is Nolimit Bonus Buys allowing players to buy access, to the bonus rounds. This feature provides chances to unlock the game’s winning potential enhancing the excitement of exploring the Wild West. The second innovative addition is the Nolimit Booster enabling players to double their bet for guaranteed Scatter Symbols or an Outlaw Wild on each spin. This feature amps up the thrill factor. Boosts your opportunities for hitting wins!

Exciting Wild West Journey

Tombstone No Mercy maintains its captivating theme complete with a soundtrack of spaghetti western films playing in the background. The games high volatility remains intact. Nolimit City has raised the stakes by increasing the win potential to an impressive 16,480 times your bet. A significant enhancement, from its original iteration.

This indicates that players can look forward to an potentially rewarding experience as they navigate the challenging terrain of the Old West. With each spin excitement grows as the reels animate with symbols of bandits, cowboys and the classic tumbleweeds that epitomize themes!

About Nolimit

Established in 2014 Nolimit City has earned a reputation, for pushing boundaries and transforming the gambling scene with their games. Their trademark xMechanics features like xNudge, xBomb, xWays, xPays and the xGOD have become synonymous with thrilling player interactions. Tombstone No Mercy exemplifies their dedication to delivering gaming escapades that entice players to return for more.

The launch of Tombstone No Mercy closely follows on the success of another hit Nolimit City game, Brick Snake 2000 solidifying the providers status as a frontrunner in gaming. With each release, Nolimit City showcases their talent for crafting games that not only engage players but also challenge the limits of what’s achievable in online slots!

Per Lindheimer, Head of Product at Nolimit City, said: “The Original Tombstone was my all-time favourite production! Even though our games have evolved much since then, Tombstone remains a popular title even after 5 years. It was amazing to revisit this gem and give it the boost it needed, bringing a Nolimit City Classic to our modern-day standards!“


“Nolimit City delivers a blast from the past with Tombstone No Mercy”,, April 16th, 2024

By Ivan Stefanovic