Jogo Do Bicho Online - A new casino game from BGaming


BGaming has launched "Jogo Do Bicho," a lottery-themed casino game inspired by the popular Brazilian game. Players bet on animals or numbers, with gameplay featuring lively cartoon animals. The game captures the cultural essence of Rio de Janeiro, offering a nostalgic yet modernized experience with a 94% RTP. This launch brings a piece of Brazilian heritage to a global audience, combining tradition with engaging, interactive elements.

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Jogo Do Bicho - Game features

Brazilian casino players, can expect the following features when playing the game 

  1. Game Type: Lottery-themed.
  2. Volatility: Medium.
  3. RTP: 94.00%.
  4. Random Mode: Animals or numbers are chosen randomly.
  5. Betting Mode: Bet on 1-5 animals out of 25 or 2-4 numbers, with winning multipliers increasing based on draw positions.
  6. Record Table: Tracks results of previous games.
  7. Interactive Gameplay: Cartoon animals and a vibrant Rio de Janeiro setting

Jogo Do Bicho - A casino game developed for Brazilian market needs

A recent study by ENV Media provides crucial insights into the Brazilian gambling market, which is relevant to the newly launched BGaming's casino game, Jogo Do Bicho.
The survey also indicates that a substantial number of Brazilian players, approximately 35%, engage in online casino games. Lottery games, such as Jogo Do Bicho, remain highly popular, suggesting a robust market potential for this new offering by BGaming. The inclusion of a culturally significant game like Jogo Do Bicho can leverage the traditional gaming preferences while introducing a new and regulated form of entertainment.
Nikita Z - Product Manager BGaming says,
As a product developer at BGaming, I'm thrilled to see the release of 'Jogo do Bicho.' This game beautifully captures the essence of a traditional Brazilian lottery while adding a modern twist with vibrant cartoon animals and engaging gameplay. We aimed to provide players with a unique cultural experience that blends the rich heritage of Rio de Janeiro with exciting betting opportunities. 'Jogo do Bicho' is not just a game; it's a celebration of culture and entertainment.

How Jogo do Bicho's Popularity Supports BGaming's New Launch

Cultural Significance: Jogo do Bicho has a rich cultural heritage in Brazil, often discussed in forums like Reddit where users highlight its historical and social impact. This deep-rooted popularity underscores the game's widespread acceptance and daily relevance.

Survey Insights: According to ENV Media, lottery games, including Jogo do Bicho, are among the most played in Brazil, indicating strong market potential. The regulatory framework is evolving, with significant support for legalized and regulated gambling, reflecting public interest in safe and legitimate gaming options.

BGaming's Strategy: By launching a digital version of Jogo do Bicho, BGaming taps into this established popularity, offering a familiar yet modernized gaming experience. This strategy aligns with the cultural context and regulatory trends, potentially attracting both traditional players and new audiences.

For a detailed discussion on Jogo do Bicho's cultural context, visit this Reddit post.

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