Experience Festive Fun with Slingo Elf Blitz by Gaming Realms


Gaming Realms, a leading provider of mobile centric gaming content has unveiled their treat -- Slingo Elf Blitz. This delightful game merges holiday cheer with gameplay setting it apart from games in the Slingo universe. The standout feature is the 'Pick Your Elf,' which allows players to shape their gaming experience from the start.

Choose Your Champion

At the core of the game lies the exciting 'Pick Your Elf' feature. This game changer empowers players to influence their destiny as they embark on each round. With three unique elf racers to choose from, players can select based on volatility win jackpot size for a thrilling gaming session. This brilliant feature not brings a strategic element to the gameplay but also greatly boosts its replay value catering to a wide range of gaming preferences.

While Slingo Elf Blitz embraces innovation it stays true to the classic Slingo formula. The games foundation is based on the mechanics of Slingo featuring a 5×5 grid where each marked number is represented by a present. These presents play a role in advancing the corresponding racer along the track getting closer and closer to the highly coveted jackpot prize.

Alongside the elf race, players also get involved in creating Slingo lines using these multicolored presents. Each marked line on the grid contributes to climbing up a prize ladder. This aspect of the game not only adds appeal, but also introduces more opportunities for winning.

Continuing Creative Legacy

Slingo Elf Blitz joins the Gaming Realms collection of captivating titles such, as Slingo Space Invaders, Slingo Wolf Snowstorm, Tetris Slingo and more. These games showcase the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries in gaming by offering players a blend of nostalgia, innovation, and excitement.

The developer again showcases its expertise in crafting diverse gaming experiences with Slingo Elf Blitz. This delightful holiday themed game, which combines decision making gameplay, with the mechanics of classic Slingo is set to capture the hearts of players who crave a festive adventure, with a unique twist.

Yulia Aliakseyeva, Co-CPO at BGaming, said:“This year, we have gone all out with our dazzling seasonal line-up – offering four truly creative and well-designed games for our players. Gift X, our thrilling crash game, features the loveable Santa Claus as its main star and a multi-bet option, while Slot Machine X-mas Edition is sure to evoke wholesome memories of the bygone Christmases.”

Source: “Gaming Realms races to the jackpot in Slingo Elf Blitz”. European Gaming. December 8, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic