• With Online Keno You Can Control Your Surroundings

    Whether you're playing the game of keno in an actual casino environment, or in the online version, there are some very basic things that remain the same. There are still eighty numbers on the virtual "card." You are picking up to fifteen numbers as your own. The objective of the game is the same - to match the numbers you selected with the numbers that are drawn. Payouts may be differ, according to the particular online casino, but they're really not a whole lot different. And success is dictated by very little other than pure luck.

    There is a difference as far as the convenience factor is concerned. The great thing about online keno is that you never have to leave your house to play. But then again, that's the case with all casino games on their online form.

    One of the great things about online keno is that you can control your own atmosphere. Some people get distracted by all the clings and clangs and bells and whistles in the "real" casino, where people can come up to in the middle of your "concentration" on what numbers are going to come up winners. Online, there is nothing going on around you if you don't want it. By the same token, if you'd like, at some online casinos you can create an atmosphere with music, sound effects, crowd noise - whatever. So you have the ability to enhance your own casino experience.

    In dealing with the electronic element more than the human element, you won't find any keno runners online either. Of course, you won't need them. But there will be no filling out of keno tickets between bites of that Reuben sandwich in the coffee shop. And there won't necessarily be anyone to complain to between games when you're losing, unless you have a very patient and understanding spouse.

    Enjoy! By Charles Jay