Win Big Money During Bingo Hall's Fusion Friday


The Bingo Hall site has created something new and exciting for its members called “Fusion Friday.” It takes place every Friday night in the Bingo Hall Dollar Room and offers you the chance to win thousands during four hours of action.

Every hour of Fusion Friday features at least ten games, with each of the hours beginning nicely with a Starting Game that offers $150 Guaranteed. It is followed by a Progressive Jackpot game which gives everyone the chance for a huge pay day. That game will be followed by a Bingo Hall specialty, a “Dancing Game,” which will be worth between $200-$400.

Each hour of Fusion Friday will then continue with another $150 Guaranteed Game, which will be followed by a Free Fixed game worth $50. Following that will be another Fixed game, but this one offers a total of $500 in guaranteed prizes.

Each hour will then conclude with another $150 Guaranteed Starting game, another Progressive Jackpot game and then another Dancing Game which will again be worth between $200 and $400. The Fusion Friday hours will then conclude with another Progressive Jackpot game.

At the end of the hour, you can try all these tournaments again and for the two hours beyond that. But Bingo Hall has also added one more special feature to the Fusion Friday action.

At some point during the four hours of competition, there will be a quite special, unscheduled Fixed game. What makes it so exciting is the size of the prize money that it offers. Bingo Hall has put up $1,000 for this special attraction!

There is no telling when this game will start, so while you’re enjoying all the excitement of Fusion Friday at Bingo Hall, keep alert for this lucrative opportunity.

Author: GamesAndCasino