• BingoRoom Promotions

    20 May 2008


    At Bingoroom the bonuses just keep on coming! And with extra promotions! You get 150% on your first deposit, 200% on your second and a big 250% on your third! That is what I call keeping it coming!

    That is not all they have a Lazy Long Weekend promo, where you watch for the hammock pattern to play all weekend. It pops up randomly throughout the day in all the rooms, from the 23rd of May till the 26th! Every hammock pattern comes with a guaranteed jackpot of $200. So let the wind blow and watch the swinging hammock!

    Then in Bingoroom 500, get the engines running AND REV UP all month long to win extra cash. It is so easy even a caveman can do it..LOL. Just play bingo each day in the red, white or blue room and bingo on the special RACING pattern each week to win!

    From May 19th to the 25th bingo on the PIT STOP pattern to earn points. At end of the week the roomie with the most points wins $300 CASH!

    From May 26th to June 1st bingo on the checkered FLAG pattern and earn 4 points. At end of week the player with most points wins $400 Cash! And to top all that off the player with the most points at end of month wins the following prizes: 1st place- $1000, 2nd place- $500 and 3rd place-$250!

    Race on over to Bingoroom and win your share!!