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Bingo Mania

At Bingo Mania they are always on the go with promotions and specials. Saturday Feb. the 21st and Feb25th you get a whopping 150% on all deposits. These days change each month.

The progressive Jackpots in bingo halls are climbing, in the high roller room it is $2,536.04, money pot room is $5,731.18, Looney bin is $650.01, and the Nut house room is $322.54.

Not only that but each day in the halls they play special games:

In the Nut house Room:
$50 fixed pots on Sun. Mon. Weds. and Fri. 10am -12pm EST
$75 fixed pots on Sun. and Tuesday, 8pm- 12am EST
$75 Coverall Madness on Weds. and Sat 6pm -8pm EST

Looney Bin
Sun, Mon, Wed. and Fri. $50 fixed pots 12pm -2pm EST
Mon. 8 pm- 12am EST $100 fixed pots
Wed. 8 pm -10pm EST $2500-$125 Coverall Madness

Money Pot
Tues, Thur & Sat 12pm-2pm Est
3 Part $100 Fixed Pots ($30/$30/$40)
Thur 8pm-12am Est
3 Part $125 Fixed Pots ($30/$40/$55)
Sat 8pm-10pm Est Coverall Madness
3 Part $5000-$150 Coverall ($50/$50/$50)

High Rollers
Sun, Mon, Wed & Fri 2pm-4pm Est $150 Fixed Pots
Fri 8pm-12am Est $200 Fixed Pots
Wed & Sat 10pm-12am Est $7500-$250 Coverall Madness

Check out the slots too, progressive is over $62,654!!!

Author: GamesAndCasino