Special Special September 2 through September 14th!
Bingo Hall will award two lucky players with an
Gift Certificate worth $300 each!

Watch for the A pattern to play once hourly in our quarter stream with a jackpot of $125 – $150. The 2 players that collect the most A patterns will be awarded a gift certificate of $300 each. *In case of tie the amount will be split. For example if 4 players are tied they will each receive a gift certificate worth $150 each.

Friday through Wednesday we are giving you an extra shot at $200 CASH! We will award the player who has the highest number of bingos daily in our quarter stream a CASH prize of $200. There is no need to keep track of game numbers, winnings will be calculated by staff.

Put on your Dancing Shoes and a Happy Face because the kids are back in school! Watch for one of these 2 patterns to play once hourly in our Dimes room with a jackpot of $75. From September 2nd through September 7th we will award the top 3 winners of this pattern BONUS prizes of $300 1st place, $200 2nd place and $100 for third place.

From September 9th through September 14th all players who win on these 2 patterns will be entered into a drawing from which Bingo Hall will select 5 players to receive a BONUS of $150!

Author: GamesAndCasino