Bingo Sky Special Holiday Games in December

Throughout December, Bingo Sky will be offering special holiday games at their website. They will all be played in their “Seasonal Classic” room and are all part of their Chat games. You’ll get to pick certain letters or numbers during these games and if they come in, you’ll win a prize.

Bingo Sky is a reputable bingo site that also accept USA players and there’s plenty of promotions going on here at all times.

In order to be eligible for a prize in each game, you’ll need to make a deposit of at least $25 within 7 days of the game and you’ll need to purchase at least two cards for each game. You can play the same letter or number each game or you can change it every day as long as you do so at least an hour before the game begins.

One of these holiday games is called “8 Ball.” On your chat page, you will type one of the game’s letters, either B-I-N-G-O. When the eighth ball in the game is drawn, you will win 2 BBs if the number matches the letter you chose.

Another game being played in the special Seasonal Classic Bingo Room is called “Naughty or Nice.” Again using your chat option, you will pick one of the N numbers (31-45.) You’ll win 3 Bbs if it’s one of the first 5 numbers called, you’ll win 2 Bbs if it’s the 6th-10th number chosen and you’ll win 1 BB if it’s the 11th-15th number called.

Another of Bingo Sky’s special holiday games is called “Red Light Green Light.” Pick one number from 16-30 for the Red Ball and a number from 46-60 for the Green Ball. If one of your numbers is one of the first ten numbers called, you’ll win 1 BB. If both are called, you’ll win 2 Bbs.

8 Ball, Naughty or Nice and Red Light Green Light are just some of the special games that are available at Bingo Sky through the holiday season.

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Author: GamesAndCasino