New York Senator Leads Charge Against Illegal Online Gambling

Senator Tim Kennedy

New York State Senator Tim Kennedy believes the legalized online gambling in surrounding states could lead to increased levels of “illegal and predatory activities”, and he’s asked the New York State Gaming Commission, the NYSGC, to do something about it.

“There are some websites that have lured customers into using their online casino platform,” stated Kennedy in a press release on his website. “They have built a customer base, but very few people are aware of the egregious actions they have taken over the years. These sites are stacking the deck and consumers are losing – and losing big. We need to prevent these bad actors from getting a license to behave this way anywhere in the country and especially prevent them from targeting minors and those suffering from gambling addiction.”

The Tim Kennedy press release also states a concern that current state law offers no way to enforce or deter illegal gambling sites from entering the New York market, and therefore little recourse for people affected by predatory sites. Additionally, he points out that “every dollar spent on gambling online illegally is lost revenue for casinos in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, which employ thousands of Western New Yorkers.”

Senator Kennedy has called upon the NYSGC to investigate illegal online gambling and protect New Yorkers from predatory sites. The state’s gaming commission has not yet issued a response.

Senator Tim M. Kennedy represents the 63rd District of New York State.

Author: GamesAndCasino