Velo Partners Invests More in Foxium Software Developer


The business side of the online casino industry can be just as interesting as the games and promotions, and we're seeing an example of that lately from Foxium. They've received further investment from Velo Partners through their RNG Foundry investment group, which will help them to push forward faster with new releases and to keep pushing ahead in the way they have been already.

Details on This Investment

It starts with the fact that Velo Partners purchased a portion of Foxium seven months ago. As a part of that deal, they reserved the right to buy even more of the company in the future, and they have chosen to exercise that option now. As a result, they will own even more of the developer, and that goes to show just how much faith they have. It's no surprise considering how well things have been going for Foxium with their great game releases and how well their existing titles have been received by players.

Why Invest Further?

If you want some great examples of why they might have wanted to invest further in this developer, you have to look no further than their excellent games portfolio. The Lost Riches of Amazon is a good example, and so is Vampire: The Masquerade. They have a good, balanced selection of games, and they produce quality titles instead of trying to expand their portfolio as quickly as possible. This means that they're adapted very well to the modern era of this business, and they produce the types of games that players can't get enough of. Those are plenty of reasons to believe that Foxium is going to continue to pay off in a major way.

About Foxium

Foxium's titles are currently available through major platforms like Microgaming Quickfire and EveryMatrix. They have definitely been getting their games in front of a ton of players, and the reviews for those titles have been tremendous. They're growing at a pretty good rate as well, and with this influx of cash from the Velo Partners' further investment, that'll put them in an even better position to really tear up the market as a whole.


Press Release, Velo Partners Increases Its Shares in Estonian Game Development Studio Foxium, May 8, 2018

By Jesse Eddleman