10 July 2007


    Today marked the end of the UIGEA’s 270 day deadline to enter into action the regulations of the bill. It failed to do so.

    Here are some comments by one of G&C’s sources in high places:

    “As of 5pm est. time today, the meeting of the US Treasury was ended in still a blank.” Which from everything I have heard and seen today, could be a fabulous point for the internet gambling industry.”

    “July 10th marked the end of the 270 days for the regulations from the UIGEA to be enforced. It will not be done today. As a matter of fact, that part of the bill could be on hold for years and years. As many bills in the past have done.”

    “What will not be put on hold is “Barney Frank”. He is tough and full well intends to get his point across. Which is to stop the UIGEA. In my opinion, Frank, along with PPA and iMega, I think this battle will be won.”

    “It could also be a fact that the WTO has given out more than the UIGEA could take?”
    “It doesn’t matter really what the hold up is, the important factor is that there was no regulations set today, on the date that the UIGEA ordered it to be done.”

    “Frist seems to be up to his old tricks, such as getting his task force to find any and all loop holes to try to disgrace online gambling. Although maybe a few documentary things he is pulling come through, the majority will fail. The UIGEA has too many things against it, mainly the rights of American Citizens.”
    “Quote and Unquote”

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