• Twin Spires Launches Its "Beat the Champ" Promo

    24 July 2012


    Think you have what it takes to beat Michael Beychok in a battle of the bets? Because TwinSpires has what it takes to pay you if you do–a nice chunk of a $20,000 prize pool.

    Participating in this TwinSpires promotion is almost ridiculously simple:

    • Place a $10 Wager on four weekend races at Saratoga and Del Mar during the promotion dates. Wager can be on a single horse or for entry into four races per weekend (one race each day from Saratoga and Del Ma–you’ll need to pick the same races the Champ does). Keep in mind, the $10 wager is per race.
    • Go back and check who the “Champ” picked (this year it’s Michael Beychok) in each of those races.
    • Stay tuned. You’ll need to check back to see if you won more money than the reigning champ. If you did, you get to cash in on prizes each week and larger prizes over the course of the series.

    Weekly prizes are determined by gross earnings. The players who have more gross winnings than reigning NHC 13 Champion Michael Beychok will either split or take entirely a prize of one million TSC Elite Points.

    Series prizes will be determined by the most gross winnings over the entire promotion period (seven weeks). The top 50 players will win cash prizes as broken out on the contest page (Top gets $2500, 50th gets $25). Additional prizes will go to those players who beat and do no tie with the Champ.

    The Twin Spires “Beat the Champ” promotion will start on July 21st and fun until September 2nd. Remember: You have to wager one all four races each time to be eligible for the prize money.

    With such a long running promotion, it’s a great time to cash in on all that online, legal horse wagering has to offer. TwinSpires is the only website affiliated with online horse wagers, and its official relationship with ChurchHill Downs makes it not only a highly respected site, but also one with several ways to wager and several ways to watch your favorite horse races online.

    Twin Spires

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