The Word According To Senator Kyl - UIGEA

Senator Jon Kyl authored an article carried in the National Ledger Monday regarding the repeal of the UIGEA or to be exact, why the attempt to repeal the UIGEA should and would fail. The article opens with “Last week, Arizona authorities raided four illegal online gambling rings, centered in Phoenix but operating in three states, seizing millions of dollars in cash, cars, and property. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said millions of dollars were being collected, and often extorted, from gamblers visiting online sites based overseas. This recent crackdown highlights one of the major problems our state and local authorities face: enforcing existing state laws prohibiting gambling over the Internet.”

However, Fox11AZ News out of Arizona reported the raid as “Millions of dollars in cash, cars and property were seized and 31 people arrested in raids that authorities said broke up four illegal gambling rings operating in three states… ” “Bettors placed wagers over the Web, while bookies, collectors and loan sharks operated out of Phoenix-area bars and restaurants.” and “Arpaio said millions of dollars were being collected, and sometimes extorted, from bettors calling toll-free numbers and visiting online sites based in Costa Rica. The cash exchanges took place at several Phoenix-area bars and restaurants…” and finally “Those taken into custody Tuesday face charges that include the promotion of gambling, money laundering, conspiracy and extortion.”

Please notice that the Arizona authorities did not report ‘illegal ONLINE gambling rings’ as stated by Senator Kyl. These mafia-style gambling rings were composed of “bookies, collectors and loan sharks” who operated out of bars and restaurants. Those taken into custody are not charged with ‘illegal online gambling’.

Senator Kyl goes on to state that “Online gambling is already illegal under existing federal and state laws.” Another deviation from the truth. Online gambling is not illegal in existing federal gambling laws. This was decided by the US District Court of Eastern Louisiana and upheld by the US Fifth Circuit Federal Appeals Court.

The article by Senator Kyl reads like a middle school student who put off writing or researching an important school paper until the last second and rushed to include examples distorted to fit the purpose, statements that are not accurate and claims that were unsubstantiated or taken out of context. Teachers are smart to the ways of kids though. Always have been. They recognize a scam job when they see one and grade accordingly. Hopefully, by the time the student reaches a higher level of learning, like for instance high school, they recognize the importance of accurate facts. They should also by this time realize that they still can’t pull the wool over the teacher’s eyes and cease to rely on this technique as an option.

But some children never learn, they just continue to make statements presented as absolute fact based on absolutely nothing but their beliefs. Newsflash for Senator Kyl. Americans are smart to the ways of politicians too. Just because a Senator says it’s a fact, doesn’t mean it is a fact. Senators have been known to lie too.

Author: GamesAndCasino