Russian Gaming Week Begins on June 7


There are a ton of different trade shows and events for the online gambling world, and coming up soon is yet another. Russian Gaming Week is running from June 7 to June 8, 2017 this year, and there are going to be some exciting things going on at this event. The lineup includes a focus on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, augmented reality, legislative changes and more. This is sure to be an exciting time as the largest industry event in the country.

The Reload Concept

The concept for this year's RGW is "Reload," and while this is obviously a bit of a play on words based on the concept of reload bonuses and reloading your account balance, it has a double meaning in that the industry is changing. They're looking to break down a number of ways that the industry is changing along these lines, and that's why the list of topics that are going to be focused on are what they are.

A Time for Change

The theme for RGW couldn't come at a better time. The industry as a whole is at a critical point right now where things have stayed somewhat stagnant for a few years, and there have been tons of development happening behind the scenes and at a low level while it builds up momentum. That momentum is about to hit a critical mass, and both players and industry officials needs to be ready for it. Between the push for cryptocurrencies and the push for virtual reality games, things are about to get crazy in the online gambling world.

The Importance of These Events

These events are very important for the online gambling world because they provide central hubs for people to meet, learn about what's new and form strategic partnerships with other people and businesses in the same industry. If you're in this business, or even if you're just a fan, they can be exciting ways to learn about what you're involved in on an even higher level while having a great time in the process.


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By Jesse Eddleman