19 October 2006


    16 October 2006

    Casinomeister says the new U.S. legal climate presents ‘definite risks’

    One of the longest established and most successful information portals in the online gambling industry, Casinomeister has reluctantly decided to discontinue promoting online operations that accept U.S. bets.

    The portalmaster, Bryan Bailey says that the move is a consequence of the new Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which attacks U.S. financial channels used to fund online gambling but also contains confusing provisions regarding information sites and possible interference with ISPs.

    ‘Last week was a tough week. Tough but informative,’ Bailey says in announcing that he has had to consult with experts before reluctantly making a ‘command decision’ to stop listing online casinos that accept bets from U.S. players.

    ‘One thing for sure, there is a very *big* problem in the US when it comes to dealing with online casinos and poker rooms,’ says Bailey, who is based in Germany. ‘It’s a mess and no one has any answers on how to deal with this. There is also a definite risk to anyone who is continuing to accept US bets. A number of casinos have decided to block players from certain jurisdictions in the States – but even this is not clear.

    ‘So, a command decision was made: *Casinos that accept bets from US based players will not be listed at Casinomeister. *’

    Bailey goes on to assure his many American members that whilst his accredited online casino links will shrink in the short term, players will remain welcome on the site.

    ‘Everything else is business as usual,’ he says, highlighting the site’s popular dispute resolution facility, active forum, current industry news pages, webcast and newsletter. He also hints that Skill Games [which are unaffected by the US law] may be joining the Casinomeister landscape.

    Bailey concludes by telling U.S. players: ‘You may need to venture out of your house and check out the local poker room dives in your neighborhood, or anticipate a freaky road-trip to Vegas or some nearby Indian reservation. But if you’re looking to join casinos from here, sorry – I can’t help you out.

    ‘Sorry that it has to be this way, I hope you understand.’

    The operator reaction to the Casinomeister decision was fast and innovative. A number of the casino groups/casinos that were removed are putting together casino sites that will accept all non-US players, and then they will be readmitted to the accredited section.

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