• Petition To Repeal UIGEA Has A New Goal

    14 May 2007


    CasinoGamblingWeb announced recently they have a new goal. Information on their website says ‘On behalf of advice given to us by aids to both Shelley Berkley and Barney Frank the goal of the Repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Petition has been changed from 400,000 signatures to just 10,000….

    …aid to Shelley Berkley has told us she will gladly accept a meeting with us in order to read over the Internet gambling petition we have started, which today has more than 3,700 signatures. Once the legitimate amount of signatures reaches 10,000 a representative from Casino Gambling Web will head to Washington D.C. to meet with Shelley Berkley and also with Barney Frank…

    “… lost steam following the announcement of two bills being introduced to congress, neither of which express a desire to repeal the UIGEA.”

    “We need to get the petition to the 10,000 mark in order to have the representatives take it seriously,” said Gordon Price, CEO of Casino Gambling Web. “You don’t have to believe it will make a difference to sign it, you just have to believe in what it says.”

    The Poker Player Alliance has just sent out an email to their 500,000 members encouraging them to write their congressmen to express their support for the Barney Frank bill that would make online gambling legal, however, the Frank Bill has very little co-sponsors and it has very low chances of passing.

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