• Omni Slots Adds 35 New Amatic Titles

    10 March 2016


    There are always big deals happening in the online casino industry, specially when it comes to content distribution. The current model for how content is distributed can see a single online casino have games available from dozens of different software developers, and that creates a huge advantage for players who like to get everything they can in one place. Omni Slots has added 35 new games from Amatic as the result of this type of environment for the industry as a whole.

    Details on the Deal

    This new deal between Amatic and Omni Slots (read more) comes down to Omni looking to add all of the high-quality slots they can, which is exactly something they've done as the result of this new content distribution arrangement. A total of 14 new fruit machine style slots have been added in addition to another 28 video slots, the newest titles released by Amatic (click here for more).

    Mobile-Friendly Content

    Something else that's a pretty big deal about this arrangement is that all of these games are mobile-friendly right out of the box. Not only is Omni Slots adding to its number of titles overall, but it's adding to the number of mobile slots it has available, and that's critical because mobile is the fastest-growing part of the industry right now. The more they can do to advance in the mobile space, the better off they will be over the next several years and into the future beyond that.

    About Omni Slots and Amatic

    Omni Slots is a fairly new online casino that's been running since the spring of 2015. They have almost a year of experience under their belt now, and in that time, they've made a lot of important deals to add more titles to their selection. Amatic is a good example of this, and with their AMANET games, they've been able to offer up lots of different types of features like special tournaments and more. This deal helps both companies quite a bit by giving Amatic's titles more exposure and giving Omni Slots more to offer their players, and we're sure that it will continue to be a win-win scenario in the future.

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