• New Resolution Date Set Between Antigua and US

    18 June 2008


    The saga continues between the US and Antigua. For such a small island they have shown a lot of guts and determination in this battle.

    Antigua’s top finance official, said that a new deadline date of Friday, June 20th has been set to settle their dispute with Washington and St. John over internet gambling. It was set to be settled on June 6th, but was not.

    They (Antigua) say the US has crippled its gambling industry by banning Americans from making online bets with their gambling operators, which includes the ones based in their twin-island of only 70,000 people.

    Without disclosing any specifics, Finance Minister Errol Cort, said that sit down talks with US trade representatives could achieve a new resolution by June 20th. He thinks by giving more time they can see if they can meet an amicable resolution.

    The law (UIGEA) was passed by the US Congress in 2006 that barred banks and credit card companies from processing payments to online gambling companies outside the US. This law blocked Antigua’s access to US gambling market, which was the most lucrative in the world.

    US Trade Representative Sean M. Spicer said they are trying in good faith to settle this dispute. Antigua has sought $3.4 Billion. The WTO backed Antigua’s request to target US services such as copyrights and trademarks in retaliation for the US betting ban, but ruled it could only impose $21 Million.

    We shall see what happens on Friday!! Stay tuned in this continuing saga, with this little country..that is not afraid to stand up and be noticed!!

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