• Millions Spent by Casinos for Big Losers Feel Like Winners

    05 October 2009


    Now when you read this you will say “Now does this help people with problem gambling?” I really do not see how. By rewarding an addict is not helping them. I think they should try to help these players instead or rewarding them.

    Recently, a gambler in Canada reportedly lost $1.2 million in a gambling spree that lasted less than 2 years. The casinos, bless their loving, generous hearts, rewarded him with Rolex and Tag Heuer watches, limo rides and theatre tickets.

    The gifts, known in the business as “comps”, are a real part of doing business. They give gifts to the high rollers to help them feel like winners. In 2009, in Ontario, Canada, government spending for treatment, research and prevention of problem gambling was $39 million, with an additional $9.6 million added from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. In the same time period, the government spent $558 million on marketing and promotion, with more than half of that amount for comps. All this helps to fund a $13.67 billion business.

    There has to be another way of doing this. Take some of that money to help gambling addicts and do not fuel their addiction.

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