• Internet Gambling Campaign Launched To Repeal UIGEA

    16 April 2007


    Casino Gambling Web has started a campaign labeled ‘Outcry’ which includes phone calls, letters and emails to members of congress denouncing UIGEA and asking for repeal of the unpopular legislation. According to their website “Congressman Barney Frank has said he will strongly support a repeal of what he calls ‘the stupidest law’ in the history of the United States if the public outcry for a repeal is loud enough. In lieu of that statement, and on behalf of the Internet gambling community, a campaign by Casino Gambling Web, named the ‘Outcry’ campaign, has been created.

    The ‘Outcry’ phone calling campaign will attempt to send the message to congress that says the public is vehemently opposed to the US Internet gambling ban.

    All those who would like to join the ‘Outcry’ phone calling campaign and oppose the 21st century form of prohibition are being advised to visit http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW_by_State.shtml which lists all the current congressmen of the United States House of Representatives. The representatives are listed by state and phone numbers and other contact information can be found by simply clicking on a congress person’s name.

    People are being advised to call their state representative and simply state their name, or not, and tell whomever answers the phone that they would like to express their opposition against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Callers should express how they would like their representative to understand the concerns of the people who have lost one of their freedoms and express how they support the ‘Outcry’ campaign that wishes to restore American freedom by repealing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

    The campaign is starting today, although congress people will not be back at work until the 16th. However, leaving a message with a congress person’s staff member is being advised and calling every day is recommended. Each call should not take any longer than 2 minutes and the more calls the louder the ‘outcry’ will sound.

    The Poker Player Alliance, online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms across the world, Internet gambling news reporting agencies, Internet gambling portals, gambling forums and other general sites who simply believe in the cause are requested to express support for the Casino Gambling Web ‘Outcry’ phone calling campaign by posting a link to the government site where representative phone numbers are listed. “

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