• iMEGA Suit Challenges Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)

    27 June 2007


    The cases brought forth against the UIGEA are making more waves around the world as each week slips by. It may be time to break out the life-boats on the high seas of internet gambling until this storm blows by or internet gamblers are saved by an unseen force.

    With its suit challenging the UIGEA, iMEGA has made a splash in the US Circuit Court vs. Alberto Gonzales. By using restrictions and increased regulation of the US banking and credit card systems to prevent operators and players from engaging in internet gambling, iMEGA emerged to become a plaintiff in a suit challenging the law intended to target the internet gambling industry.

    As for the freedom within the existing and future online communities, iMEGA believes that its interest in challenging the law stems from the chilling effect it will have on future innovation.

    A Senior Editor of Red Herring, Cassimir Medford, covered the iMEGA story.

    iMEGA’s attorney Eric Bernstein had this to say; “It’s the nature of the issue at hand, and the nature of an entity which can take punitive action against the members. There have been many other instances where groups bringing lawsuits against the government have not disclosed the identities of their members.”

    The full story on this news can be found at Gambling 911.

    Stay tuned for more breaking news with iMEGA and its challenge with the UIGEA. Let us hope that the tides will turn in favor of the freedom of gambling and against an illegal insertion for online gambling.

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