• Governor Christie Autographs NJ Online Gambling Bill

    27 February 2013


    It’s official: New Jersey is open for online gambling.

    After months of deliberation, negotiation, and compromise with the NJ Assembly and Senate, Governor Chris Christie signed a bill on Tuesday that makes online gambling in New Jersey absolutely legal within its borders.

    His decision to sign the bill was based on many factors, some of which were a complete reversal from his views two years ago when he vetoed a similar bill. With a state hard hit by weather disasters, budget crises, and unemployment, Governor Christie had to help develop a bill that could balance the benefits of job creation and economic stability with, as the Wall Street Journal describes as “the risks–addiction, corruption, and improper influence.”

    In a statement on Tuesday, Christie introduced the bill as “a responsible yet exciting option that will make Atlantic City more competitive while also bringing financial benefits to New Jersey as a whole.”

    Christie’s autograph on the bill makes New Jersey the most populous state to allow its residents to place bets online. While Nevada and Delaware are also on board the online gambling train, New Jersey is expected to offer more than just online poker from its servers in Atlantic City. This story will continue to develop as Atlantic City-based casino companies prepare to offer games online to NJ residents and as state officials seek to form partnerships with other states in an effort to increase the player pool (and also revenue for all states involved).

    This may be only the beginning for online gambling in the United States, but rest assured it has begun. Questions? Comments? Let us know your thoughts!