• Full Tilt's Rush Poker Mobile Removed from Android Market

    01 December 2010


    There was a rumor back in October of 2009 that Full Tilt Poker was releasing a real money poker app for the Android. In November of this year, the app was officially dropped into the Android market. Now, it did have its limitation as only Android 2.2 owners could download it because of the Adobe Flash requirement but it was launched.

    By most reviews we have come across, the app, Rush Poker Mobile worked as expected. You could log in, deposit and play NL Texas Holdem right over your smart phone for either play money or real money. There were some reports of it being a little slow at times but that could be expected from most any app and one of the great things about it was that when you folded a hand, you did not have to wait for another, you were immediately moved to another table and another hand was dealt.

    Now just 4 days later and thousands of downloads, if you go to the Android market and search for Full Tilt Poker, you will get a “There are no matches Android market”. Officially, as of today, Full Tilt claims the app is down “due to maintenance” but the reality may be something different.

    There is a new rating system for smartphone apps that may be the real reason behind the app being down. A couple of the new rules state that any simulated gaming apps being brought to the market should be rated teen or higher. There is also a specific rule stating, “Real gambling is not allowed in Android Market”. So there is a high likelihood that this app will not be available for download through the Android market again.

    Those that have already downloaded the app can still use it however and those that do not have it can download it through other means. Players can download the app from the Full Tilt Poker website using the built in Android browser and scanning the QC code. Once downloaded an account can be made for just play money, real money can be deposited using their standard software for your computer then used with the smart phone app.

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