CT Interactive and QTech Join Forces to Provide Innovative Gaming Solutions


CT Interactive, the online software developer, has announced a distribution deal with QTech, the leading game provider. This agreement was made at this year’s ICE exhibition in London and will help to expand both companies’ presence in new markets. Under the terms of the agreement, CT Interactive will add its entire portfolio of more than 200 games to the QTech distribution platform. This is a great opportunity for both companies to increase their revenue and raise awareness of their gaming portfolios.

Portfolio Expansion & Distribution Platform

The agreement between the two brands allows them to reach more customers across international markets. This includes Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. The CT Interactive portfolio includes classic slots such as Fruitball Heroes, Bloody Princess, Fire Egg, and the new release Aztec Gold 20. This gives customers access to a vast selection of innovative gaming solutions that are more interactive and engaging than ever before.

QTech is well-known for its reliable distribution platform that covers multiple markets around the world. This platform has been designed from the ground up with customer satisfaction in mind. It is highly user-friendly with simple navigation tools that make it easy for users to find the games they want quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it continuously monitors its platform so that all changes are implemented properly without any disruption or downtime.

Creating an Optimal Gaming Environment

By combining forces with QTech’s distribution platform, CT is able to create an optimal gaming environment for its customers. All of its games are available on one unified platform which makes it easier for customers to find what they want while also providing them with better customer support services. Furthermore, this partnership opens up new opportunities for both companies as they can work together on developing new content as well as marketing initiatives to further promote their products across different markets worldwide.

The combination of CT’s portfolio of over 200 titles with QTech's distribution platform provides customers with a wealth of innovative gaming experiences from both companies' portfolios in one place! With this partnership comes exciting possibilities for creating new content and marketing initiatives together that can further expand their reach into international markets even further!

Milena Tsankarska, Head of Business Development EMEA at CT Interactive, said: “This deal will help us step into new markets in Asia, thus expanding our presence by reaching new clientele in different markets, which is our long-term goal.”

Daniel Long CCO at QTech Games, commented:“Our company is honored to have the best quality games of CT Interactive, which have won prestigious awards, available on our platform.”


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By Ivan Stefanovic