Wants Clarity on German Gambling

According to a Reuters article,, the world’s largested listed online gambling conglomerate, is seeking clarification from the country of Germany as to why it is unable to compete in a fair and open market with local gaming operators. is one of 12 online gaming operators that won six-year licenses in December to operate online poker and online casino gaming in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. seems to want to know why they can operate in the northern German state, but not across the other 15 states in the country.

The problem with probing, however, is that it could have the opposite affect you want, as is quick to realize.

“There is now a question over how the existing regime in Schleswig-Holstein can co-exist with the alternative system proposed by the other 15 Laender (German states) that seeks to allow sports betting only and with significant additional restrictions for the online offer, restrictions that do not apply to land-based operators,” said in a statement.

The concern, then, is if Schleswig-Holstein will succomb to the pressure to fall back in line with the rest of Germany.

Author: GamesAndCasino