• Possible Buyers For Full Tilt Poker

    26 September 2011


    Jeff Ifrah, a lawyer for Full Tilt stated today that “The future is a question of whether we can still find an interested investor.” Ifrah also announced that the company is in talks with a yet unnamed French investor and another possible buyer.

    Full Tilt it could be argued has been the hardest hit since the DOJ released indictments on three online poker companies in April. Since then they have come under fire for not paying out withdrawals of players, had their license pulled in France and by Alderney and just last week being acused of being a “global Ponzi scheme” by Preet Bharara, Manhattan’s chief prosecutor.

    Last month Full Tilt said in a statement that it believed “offering peer-to-peer online poker did not violate any federal laws.” Later in that statement it also addressed its players saying, “our players should know that Full Tilt is fully committed to paying them back in full and restoring confidence in our operations.” David Greene of Edwin Coe, the law firm representing US players said however, “If it’s (Full Tilt) not being taken over, then someone should be stepping in to protect the interest of the creditors.”

    Alderney’s Gambling Control Commission is a big clog in the wheel of a possible sale. Alderney revoked Full Tilts license back in July and even though the Commission met every day lst week, e ruling to reinstate the license has yet to be decided.

    Mr Ifrah, Full Tilt’s lawyer said “There is, as they say, a lot of hair on this deal.”

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