• Bede Gaming Earns ISO 27001 InfoSec Certification

    05 June 2017

    Bede gaming earns iso 27001 infosec certification

    The security of a player's financial information and personal details are of extreme importance in the online gambling world. Players have had their identity stolen and their accounts cleared out in the past, and that's something that hurts the industry as a whole when it happens, not to mention it really hurting the victims of the identity theft. Bede Gaming has shown how serious they are about preventing this type of thing by being awarded the ISO 27001 certification for information security.

    What is the ISO 27001 Certification?

    From the International Standards Organization (ISO), the 27001 certification is their international standard for the security of information online. This requires a particularly rigorous auditing process, and they have some pretty strict requirements that they have to meet to gain this certification. They are one of the only software providers in the online gambling world to have this certification, and this could eventually spark a trend where other providers look to get ISO 27001 certified as well.

    The Critical Nature of Information Security

    Information security is so important when it comes to a gambling-based industry in particular because of how much money is involved and what it's used for. If someone steals your identity and uses that information to make a deposit to an online casino followed by losing it all, then you aren't necessarily going to have much recourse unless they can prove that your identity was actually stolen. Otherwise, it just looks like you're trying to get your money back, which is something many people have unfortunately claimed in the past.

    Tie-in With Regulatory Guidelines

    An interesting aspect to this whole situation is that ISO 27001 could provide a basis for international guidelines for regulators when it comes to information security in the online gambling industry. The industry as a whole is sorely lacking in guidelines on an international level, and leveraging ISO certifications in this way could be the eventual beginning to a more far-reaching level of regulation and certification for software providers, operators and other companies involved like payment processors.


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