• Wazdan's Great Book of Magic Deluxe Slot Pays Out €90k Win

    08 February 2019

    Wazdans great book of magic deluxe slot pays out 90k win

    Big payouts are always something that players are looking for, especially in the online slots sector. A lucky player at the online casino Svenbet recently took down a pretty sizable win streak on the Great Book of Magic Deluxe slot, a title produced by Wazdan, and that's gotten the attention of a lot of players for obvious reasons.

    Details on the Win

    The actual payout for this prize in total was €90,775.02. Unlike many wins in the slot industry, this one didn't come from a single jackpot. Instead, it came from a winning streak of a number of incrementally smaller wins.

    The largest individual win during this streak was worth €26,125. This happened during the game's bonus feature, which has players shooting for better payouts than they can get in the regular game. However, two different regular game wins worth €25,000 helped to round things out a bit and kick the winning streak up to a whole new level.

    About the Great Book of Magic Deluxe Slot

    As most people would guess from the title, this slot has a magic spellbook theme that is played out across 20 paylines. There are some interesting features specific to Wazdan's portfolio that can be found here, and that includes the ability to alter the volatility of the game and the speed at which the title is being played. In short, they allow you to alter parts of your experience that are usually beyond your control, and that helps you to customize things to fit exactly what you're looking for in a way that you wouldn't normally have available.

    About Wazdan

    Wazdan is known for producing a sizable range of different kinds of online casino titles, especially slots. Their slots are usually dense with features, and most of the gameplay of most of their titles (Great Book of Magic Deluxe included) centers around these bonus rounds. In fact, a sizable portion of the wins from this lucky winning streak came from the bonus features, so it's just another example in action of how important these bonus rounds are to their games and the value that you get from them.


    Press Release, Big Win at Svenbet on Wazdan's Great Book of Magic Deluxe wazdan.com, January 18, 2019

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