• Barney Franks Speaks Out at WSOP

    07 July 2009


    Barney Frank let his opinion be know Sunday at the WSOP, on the UIGEA Bill and where he stands, before he announced the traditional “Shuffle up and deal call.”

    He called the UIGEA Bill the “stupidest bill ever.” He also told of his plans to have it repealed in September, and is very optimistic that he will get it repealed, and removed from the law books.

    Frank stated and I QUOTE:: “By the way, it is odd that we say no gambling, because the country is in a terrible economic hole because of gambling, the difference is the law that passed by the Republicans stops individuals from gambling in the thousands with their own money. At the same time, they were allowing other institutions to gamble in the billions with other people’s money.”

    “I would be surprised if she wasn’t supportive (of the bills),” Frank said. “People know I’ve been doing and nobody it has told me not to. I plan to move ahead with it and have it ready in the fall to present it to them.”

    “So it is my intention this fall to bring up in the committee bills that I’m sponsoring. I think they’re going to pass. I am really optimistic we’re going to get this repealed.”

    “It’s a wedge issue for the Republican party,” Frank added. “It puts the Republicans in a bind between hardened conservatives and another strong group of theirs. If you look at people who say keep the government out of my business, say don’t interfere with my personal freedom, don’t over regulate business and let’s have freedom on the Internet, this bill is the worst example of a violation of all of those.”

    He is sure that he will get the UIGEA repealed. We are all behind you Mr. Frank!

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