• American Gaming Presses Congress

    06 December 2012


    In our last post, we talked about how the American Gaming Association is pushing for federally regulated online gaming by reaching out to the people who play (or would love to play) online. Now, as reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal, we learn that the AGA is also leaning hard on Senate leaders.

    Getting such a large and controversial bill to pass through Congress has been difficult enough, and this was when we didn’t have dramatic issues like the fiscal cliff or motivation issues like the lame duck session. Added to all of that backwards current is the fact that one of the bill’s co-creators, Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is stepping down from his seat at the end of the month.

    According to Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr, the American Gaming Association’s president and CEO, Kyl’s departure is the main reason such a major push is being made by the organization. “Kyl is critically important in convincing other conservatives that something must be done,” Fahrenkopf said.

    Getting support for the bill and getting votes for the bill are two entirely different things, unfortunately, and this means players need apply pressure as well. Even if you don’t support online gambling, you owe it to yourself to show your support of the online gambling bill. Online gaming is coming one way or the other; let’s ensure it has a smooth ride.

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