AGA Urges Online Poker Fans to be educated, active and heard

The American Gaming Association has made it clear that it supports Federal regulation for online gaming. The patchwork quilt that has so far defined our country in terms of its diversity and geography will not work with online gambling regulation. When each state drums up its own concoction of incentives, rules, and oversight, says the AGA,”it could result in a race to the bottom, where states attempt to have the least amount of oversight in order to attract business.”

The outlook doesn’t need to be so bleak. There is draft legislation from Sens. Harry Reid and John Kyl that allows for a consistent approach by establishing federal minimums to oversight and regulation of online gambling. It provides each state with the choice of whether or not to allow online poker, and it puts the regulation authority into the hands of dedicated and experienced people within each state.

The AGA is urging the supporters of online poker to get educated, get active, and get loud. Urge your representatives, read through AGA’s well-documented site, or just watch and share the video below to start your research. Federally regulated online gambling isn’t just about legalizing America’s favorite skill game; it’s also about consistently protecting online players from unfair practices, unqualified gaming companies, and even themselves.

Watch, learn, and share.

Author: GamesAndCasino