• Affiliate Grand Slam Event Coming to Kiev

    03 July 2018

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    The affiliate side of the online gambling industry has a number of events from all over the globe that bring together people from everywhere who love promoting the newest casinos as well as proven favorites. One of these upcoming events is the Affiliate Grand Slam, and it's been announced that it will be coming to Kiev, Ukraine, this time around.

    Why Ukraine?

    Ukraine was chosen because of how important it is to the industry as a whole and because of its geographical location in the center of the hotbed of where a lot of pushes are coming towards regulated online gambling and the resulting emerging regulated markets. Overall, this makes the location in Kiev pretty ideal for the people and groups who will be joining, and that helps to keep travel times down while making it as far as reasonably possible for the most people. On top of that, it's also in a potential important market itself, which adds another layer to the importance of the position of the event.

    Details of the Event

    The idea behind events like this one is to provide networking opportunities that are win-win in nature to help people achieve their goals and to bring the industry up overall on all levels. There are going to be up to six groups of operators along with 200 of the top affiliates in the game, so it's a pretty exclusive group overall. With this cap on the number of people who will be there, it helps to keep the thing from ballooning up and getting too large proportionately.

    The Importance of Affiliate Events

    Affiliate events like this one are pretty important because they allow big gatherings of people who are familiar with both the player side and the business side to come together and share ideas. Sometimes software companies and operators can be too far removed from the player end of things that they get themselves in a bit of an "idea bubble," and getting outside ideas, feedback and opinions at events like this one can be a big help towards bringing the industry up for players by incorporating more of their voice in the conversation about where the industry as a whole is heading.


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