Fantasy Horse Racing Games

Fantasy Horse Racing is no longer available through our site due to unforeseen circumstances. We suggest horse racing as an alternative.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own thoroughbred race horse?

You may be like many horse racing fans today who would like to race their own horse, it is either a dream or too expensive. But now there is a way to experience the thrill involved with owning and racing your own Thoroughbred race horse by playing the fantasy horse racing games at Digiturf.

Play Fantasy Horse Racing now, where you have the chance to put together your own crafted silk, enter a name for your stable to enter races, choose one of four horses, train your new horse and finally you can race it to see how well you have trained it. Find out how by reading the information in the "Playing in Fantasy Horse Racing Games" section below.

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Playing in Fantasy Horse Racing Games

In this Fantasy Horse Racing section you can learn how to, name your virtual horse racing stable, choose your fantasy horse, design you own racing silks, train your own thoroughbred, use tack supplies, race your fantasy horse and winning a fantasy horse race. Enjoy your fantasy horse racing games!

Naming Your Virtual Horse Racing Stable

The first thing you need to do is to name the horse racing stable that will be yours for the duration. Make sure you give this step some thought. The name you choose will be how others in the game recognize you and identify your stable when you race against them in the competitions.

Costs: Your personalized silks, first horse and stabling fee are free. As being a virtual horse trainer you will be solely responsible for managing your stable’s expenses; therefore you alone decide how much you wish to spend on a monthly basis. Virtual horses do have a cost.
See Digiturf for purchasing details.

Choosing Your Virtual Fantasy Race Horse

By choosing your virtual fantasy horse, you choose the color, age and sex of your Thoroughbred. Next comes the fun part of naming your horse. Do you have a great name picked out already? You may be naming the next virtual Seabiscuit, so be careful what you name it, because if he or she is good, everyone in the fantasy horse racing circuit will hear about it.

Designing Your Very Own Racing Silks

This is a very nice feature in the game, where you get to design you very own set of jockey silks. Real Thoroughbred horse owners will tell you that one of the biggest thrills in owning Thoroughbred horses is seeing their very own racing silks cross the finish line for the very first time. Start designing your silks now.

Training Your Virtual Thoroughbred

Now that you have your fantasy horse, named him or her and your jockey silks are tailored to your liking, it is time to train your horse and ready it for the competitions. Now you will find out if he or she likes to run, or stand around and look pretty.
When you have the opportunity to train your virtual horse to get it ready to compete in stakes races, do it, because the both of you have the chance to win great cash prizes in the online competitions.

If you train your Thoroughbred race horse well enough, he or she may go on to the larger prize races. But because the simularity is so close as to the real world of Thoroughbred horse racing, not all horses are good runners. You may need to buy a few more, train them, and perhaps get that high stakes winner you have been waiting for to compete against the other great virtual finishers.

Virtual Horse Tack Supplies

The tack supplies found in Digiturf's virtual Tack Shop are optional. But they can be powerful tools for your race horse, by giving it speed, endurance and adaptability on the virtual race track. This may be the edge your Thoroughbred needs to gain the first place goal on the virtual horse track.

Racing Your Fantasy Horse

Racing your virtual horse comes after it has been graded. The grading consists of two races where its fitness level should be at the minimum of 90%. Your horse will then be placed in one of three grades; Grade 1 being the best, Grade 2 and Non-Graded before it can race. The kind of race your Thoroughbred races in depends on its grade category.

Also try to get an idea of the horse's preferred racing surface, dirt or turf, its favorite track and best distance can be factored in also. With all this information factored in, you can give your fantasy Thoroughbred the best chance for its success.

Winning a Race in a Fantasy Horse Racing Game

Unless you are very lucky by picking the right horse and getting it trained just right, along with many other factors in fantasy horse racing, you will not win right out of the gate. Your best strategy is to buy a few horses, learn how to train them and read over all of the information on the message boards.

If you can master the Fantasy Horse Racing game, you will be richly rewarded with the great prize purses awarded to the top finisher in the high stakes races.

Digiturf services cannot be provided in which cash prizes can be won in some races to residents of the USA in the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Vermont.